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Tuesday, August 30

Poster Session: Experiment, Theory and Instrumentation


19:00 - 21:00


E-1     Tugba Arici (GSI Darmstadt)
Shape coexcistence in 70Kr

E-2     Izabela Ciepał (IFJ PAN Kraków)
Probing three- and four-nucleon interactions with deuteron breakup

E-3     Natalia Cieplicka-Oryńczak (INFN Milano)
Study of calcium isotopes via cold neutron capture reactions

E-4     Ayşegül Ertoprak (Istanbul University)
Lifetime measurements of high-spin states in the 94Ru nucleus using the doppler shift attenuation method

E-5     Pierpaolo Figuera (INFN LNS Catania)
Measuring fusion excitation functions with RIBs and stacked targets: How to deal with the large beam energy dispersions?

E-6     Victor Guadilla (IFIC University of Valencia)
Study of the beta decay of fission products with the DTAS detector

E-7     Łukasz Iskra (IFJ PAN Kraków)
Spectroscopy of neutron-rich 96Y isotope produced in fission induced by cold neutrons

E-8     Mateusz Kaczmarski (University of Szczecin)
On enhancement of the 2H(d, p)3H reaction yield in metallic environments

E-9   Joram Ndayishimye (iThemba Labs)
Chiral bands in 193Tl

E-10   Kousuke Ohnishi (Osaka University)
Reaction cross sections for 12N at intermediate energies and its nuclear structure

E-11   Angelina Rusnok (University of Silesia)
Experimental study of three-nucleon system dynamics in proton-deuteron breakup reaction

E-12   Emanuele Strano (University of Padova and INFN)
Discrimination of processes and reaction dynamics in the 17O + 58Ni collision around the Coulomb barrier

E-13   Takanobu Sugihara (Osaka University)
NMR of short-lived beta emitter 12N in water and its new applicability

E-14   Yutaro Tanaka (Osaka University)
Nuclear Structure of 6,8He via reaction cross section measurements

E-15   Simone Valdre (University of Florence and INFN)
Constraining hot sources in central heavy-ion collisions below 20 MeV/u

E-16   Barbara Wasilewska (IFJ PAN Kraków)
The first results from studies of gamma decay of proton-induced excitations at CCB facility

E-17   Kenji Nishizuka (Niigata University)
Measurement of reaction cross sections for 9-12C isotopes

T-1     Mamta Aggarwal (University of Mumbai)
Search for a rare shape phase of prolate non-collective in neutron rich 100Mo to proton rich 100Sn isobars

T-2     Rakesh Kumar Dubey (IUAC New Delhi)
Multi-modal nuclear fission of actinide nuclei in heavy ion induced reactions

T-3     Alan Dzhioev (JINR Dubna)
Neutrino processes with hot nuclei in supernovae

T-4     Gurpreet Kaur (Panjab University)
Role of projectile deformation in fusion: Study through quasi-elastic barrier distribution

T-5     Daniel Negrea (NIPNE Bucharest)
Neutron pairing in N=Z nuclei: Quartetting versus pair condensation

T-6     Bożena Nerlo-Pomorska (UMCS Lublin)
Potential Energy Surfaces of Pt-Pu Isotopes in the 4D Fourier Parametrisation

T-7     Panagiota Papakonstantinou (Institute for Basic Science, Korea)
Energy density functional inspired by an effective field theory

T-8     Hideo Sakamoto (Gifu University)
Microscopic study of nuclear quadrupole collective motions in terms of the boson expansion theory

T-9     Arora Sangeeta (Thapar University)
Structural effects through nuclear charge radius in mass asymmetric collisions

T-10   Gudveen Sawhney (Thapar University)
Analysis of spontaneous fission in superheavy mass region using the dynamical-cluster decay model

T-11   Gaurav Saxena (Govt. Women Engineering College, India)
Study of N=16 shell closure within RMF+BCS approach

T-12   Kazuyuki Sekizawa (Warsaw University of Technology)
Solitonic excitations in collisions of superfluid nuclei

T-13   Obed Shirinda (iThemba Labs)
Identification of chiral pairs in multiple chiral bands associated with the same nucleon configuration

T-14   Timur Shneidman (JINR Dubna)
Dinuclear system approach to the structure of heavy nuclei

T-15   Evgenii Sushenok (JINR Dubna)
The effect of unpaired nucleons on the Beta-decay properties of the neutron-rich nuclei

T-16   Anna Zdeb (UMCS Lublin)
Proton and heavier charged particles emission half-lives within a Gamow-like model

I-1     Ewelina Bzymek (University of Silesia)
Test of production of 198Au with the use of linear medical accelerator applied in the typical radiotherapy

I-2     Anna Chrobak (University of Silesia)
Comparison of various models of Monte Carlo GEANT4 code in the range of simulations of gamma production in reactions with 70 MeV protons

I-3     Paweł Lasko (IFJ PAN Kraków)
KATANA - A charge-sensitive trigger/veto array for the SPiRIT TPC

I-4     Elena Lawrie (iThemba Labs)
Proportional crosstalk measurements for a segmented clover detector

I-5     Robert Pietrzak (University of Silesia)
Determination of the perturbation factors for an air plane-parallel ionization chamber used in the proton therapy

I-6     Sofya Rymzhanova (JINR Dubna)
Monte-Carlo event generator for decays and direct reactions

I-7     Jerzy Szerypo (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich)
Technological Laboratory of the LMU - Status

I-8     Dimitry Testov (University of Padova and INFN)
Euclides Si-ball ancillary detector for the Galileo gamma-ray spectrometer

I-9     Urszula Wiącek (IFJ PAN Kraków)
STUMM - Test module for a high intensity neutron stripping source

I-10   Wojciech Wróblewski (University of Łódź)
The optimization of efficiency of the internal conversion electrons spectrometer (ULESE) by the CST software